Wedding car decorations add a lovely finishing touch to your wedding vehicle. White wedding car ribbon is by far the most traditional element for decorating a wedding car, it is also one of the least expensive and it looks so classy.

Car decorations:Different types of flowers can be used for the car decorations depending on the car color. Red roses or bright flowers can make the wedding car attractive. Car decorations are given equal importance as other decorations at the wedding ceremony. This is because people have become fashion conscious. People put in complete effort for the decoration, in order to make the wedding ceremony memorable. These days, the wedding is based on a theme. The theme or the color is used throughout the wedding celebrations.

Fresh bright flower bouquets are placed on the bonnet of the car. Various accessories are also used other than flowers for wedding car decorations. Some of the accessories used are mirrors, bows, threads, artifacts, tissues, bandhani to let the car look attractive. Various shaped balloons could add to the beauty. Artificial garlands are available which make the car look attractive. Ready-made accessories can be used for car decorations as they are easy to fix up and also save a lot of time.