• Golden Facial
    Facial for all type of skin
  • Pearl Facial
    For dark complexion and scars pigmentation
  • Oxygen Facial for all age
  • Gem Therapy
    Use precision stones like Topaz, Saffron, Emerald, Ruby, (Used according to Skin Texture and Date of Birth)
  • Skin Lightening Treatment with Under Eye Treatment. [From (15 Yrs to 35 Yrs)]
  • Skin Polishing
  • Honey Facial for all type of Skin
  • Shahanaz Husain
  • Vegetable Peel for Dark Eventone
  • Thermo Herbal Mask (Above 45 Yrs)
    good for ageing Skin & Double Chin.
  • Honey Facial [Good for oil skin, acneskin, allergic skin(any age)]
  • Fruit Facial [Dry Skin, to keep the skin fresh and Healthy (any age)]
  • Revicated Facial
    Especially for aged people (Above 50Yrs). It preserves the skin freshness(any age)
  • Fresh Facial
    Age (45 to 60 Yrs) for brides, it gives glow and shine.
  • Skin Lymphatic System
    Special massage for aged skin relaxing the Skin to reveal texture and size of Proper
  • Shahanaz
  • Acne Treatment
  • Permanent Hair Removal
    (Microlysis) You can reduce 40% to 50% hair growth.
  • Anti Pigmentation Treatment
    With broken capillaries for
    1. Butterfly Spread Over 90%
    2. Dark Patches
    3. For Spot
  • Drema Brazing
    Age 25-35 Yrs (12 Sitting)
    For Scars, Deep scars, Brown spots

    For pits with brown spots
  • Face lifting & toning
    Age 25-35 Yrs again can be controller and prolonged.
    Excellent for sagging skin Puffy eyes, Double Chin.
  • Galvanic Treatment for scars and Skin Tieting
  • Laser Treatment
    1. Lymphatic Drainage
    2. Acne Treatment
    3. Scar Lightening
    4. Skin Lightening
    5. Anti Pigmentation
    6. Revicated Facials
    7. Microlysis (Hair Removal)