“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”

Icy George

Since its inception on 11th May, 1980, blessed by the auspicious presence of our beloved well-wisher late Mrs. K.M. Mathew, who inaugurated the venture, Icy’s Fair & Lovely Beauty parlour has been at the forefront of Beauty World.

Inspired by the encouragement and whole hearted support of my husband late Mr. George C. Alexander, who the decision of entering into the world of beauty has been proved, beyond doubt, to be a flourishing success in the land of letters, lakes and latex, that is none other than Kottayam.

I preserve the prestigious privilege of being the beautician of the leading women magazine, Vanitha from 1980 onwards. Taking the challenge of catchy make over’s for illustrious models and actresses is one of the highlights of my career, besides meeting the needs of a splendid array of clients by morphing them into Classy and Fabulous.

When it comes to specialities, we wish to emphasis on high fashion and glamour make up. The secret of our success lies in total commitment for profession, and quality of brand that we use. Here customers receive highly personal attention in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

With the sole capital of a single-minded will, the present achievement of Icy’s Fair & Lovely Beauty Parlour owe to my hard work, dedication and above all an authentic, intense and professional touch towards my job. By updating every two years, Icy’s Fair & Lovely Beauty Parlour tries to keep best of any developments in the field of Beauty and Fashion.